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How would you describe your style as a wedding photographer?
My photographic style is purely documentary.
This means no posed photos, no couple’s photoshoots, no photobooth, no artificial lights… instead, it means YES to spontaneous moments, YES to laughs, YES to hugs and kisses, YES to improvised moments, YES to the real YOU.
You don’t have to become somebody else on your wedding day.
A wedding is the opposite: a celebration of who you are as people, as a couple, as a family. If you want to find a photoghrapher who can tell the true story of your wedding day, simply observing and capturing the moments, I can be the one for you.
If you are looking for a different kind of photographic style, of course, there is a vast choice out there and a lot of great professionals doing many different things… you will find the right one for you.
If, on the other hand, you feel like you’re on my same page, fantastic, read on!

But what about group shots?
Group shots are something else. Even though they are indeed posed shots, I agree they can represent an important part of the memories of a wedding (of course, also depending on your heritage, traditions, personal desires…). Group shots become a painful part of the day only if your guests are forced to stand in line in a grocery-store-fashion, waiting for their turn while a bossy photographer directs them around. Over time I found that group shots can be handled in a swift, gentle and easy way and I’ll make sure this moment, should you want group shots, doesn’t interfere too much with the course of the day.

And what about couple’s photos?
I understand that the classical idea of wedding photography leads you to think that you have to do a couple’s photoshoot, otherwise you’ll end up not having photos of the two of you.
Well, that is simply not true.
Will you not be hugging, kissing, sharing a laugh, a toast or a dance during your wedding day? Those will be your couple’s photos, and they will tell the true story of a true moment.
Again, I completely understand one may be looking for something different, maybe a more scenographic portrait session. That is perfectly normal and it’s a matter of personal taste, but unfortunately that also means I am not the photographer for you.

How will you deliver the photos?
I have recently developed a special way of delivering pictures.
During months of research and personal studies and experimentation, I asked myself: what if we could go back to shooting on film, but with a digital camera? What if we could pause and really think about what’s important in our job as storytellers? What if we could capture the memories as they unfold during the day, mindfully choosing what to shoot and how, all in service of the creation of a finished product – ready to deliver and look through that same day? What an inspiring challenge, in challenging times.
So, here’s the result.

First, at the end of the day you will receive a USB stick with all the pictures, all shot in high resolution Jpeg format and directly processed in-camera with Fujifilm’s film simulation filters. These filters have nothing to do with instagram-style filters, resulting in fake-looking colors, textures and lights – they have been carefully created in order to replicate the look anf feel of Fuji’s vintage film photographs: this is as close to shooting on film as it gets, but with the high definition and quality of a digital file.
This way, you’ll get the chance to immediately re-experience all the beautiful moments of your wedding day, flipping through a seamless and consistent body of  pictures.
After a few weeks, you’ll receive an additional selection of color and black and white pictures, all singularly edited post-processed.

Do you deliver all the pictures or just a selection?
I will deliver all of my pictures, shot in Jpeg and high resolution, the very same day of the wedding. A selection of photos will be edited and postprocessed, and delievered separately after a few weeks.

How do you post-process the pictures?
In accordance with my documentary style, my post-processing is minimally invasive.
When you look at the pictures, hopefully, you will be brought back to the wedding day in an unfiltered way: quality of light, skintones, everything will be as close as possible to reality. I don’t apply “filters” because even though they might be trendy now, in a few years who knows what you will think scrolling through your wedding photos….We’re going for timeless!

Do you work alone?
No, during weddings I always partner up with a second professional photographer, who shares the vision on documentary photography and will be present with me troughout the day. Two sets of eyes, two backups of photos, two invisible witnesses capturing all the moments… This will allow you to have a truly comprehensive look on everything that happened that day (and, again, double backups).

Do you provide video services?
Not directly, but I have close colleagues, with whom I work all the time, who can take care of those services carrying on the same style and approach to weddings – which, in my opninion, is a fundamentally important thing.

What kind of equipment do you use?
I work with Fujifilm high-end APS-C cameras, specifically the XT-4 and XT-20 cameras, with fixed focus lenses (18m and 56mm).

Why did you choose not to use artifical lights and/or flash?
I own a flash, but I prefer not to use it.
I much rather create someting that resembles the atmosphere and the kind of light that I will see on the day. To avoid an extremely dark and “grainy” result, I always advice couples to think in advance about the lighting for their wedding, and not just for the photos but for their enjoyment as well! I have seen many a wedding battling with the theme of lighting, resulting in dark dinners where nobody could see what was in the plate, and even darker dancing parties…There are solutions for this, and cheap ones also. I’d be more than happy to give you my advice, if need be.

We will have a very short wedding / elopement, we just need one photographer for the ceremony / engagement. Do you offer this kind of service?
Given my choices in terms of style and approach, I don’t usually do elopements, engagements or shorter sessions. I wish to tell the story of your wedding day, create the tale of your special celebration from beginning to end, and I choose to do so partnering up with a colleague and to devote my time to this kind of storytelling.

Where can we see more of your work?
You can find me on Instagram and Facebook, where I often publish wider selections of my work from single weddings, as well as on other webistes and online platforms dedicated to wedding photography.

How much does your services cost?
Each and every wedding is different and the quote can vary according to a variety of factors such as place, date, duration of the event and other particulars. We’ll discuss all the details and I will elaborate the best offer.

We’re sold! How do we book?
If you read all about my philosophy, you saw my portfolio and you are positive that this kind of photography speaks to your heart; if you wish to spend your wedding day without knowing the photographers are there; if you wish to have true, captured memories that will last you a lifetime; if you wish to enjoy your wedding having fun with your family and friends and not think about the photos…. Send me an email and let’s start planning!